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A meal replacement is guaranteed to satisfy and suppress your appetite

💫Be a substitute beverage to give you a full meal
💫Fatty foods are rich in fiber, minerals and glucose
💫Give it energy every day
💫Travel friendly
💫Easy to mix and drink
💫Suitable for all ages
💫Increase metabolism
💫 Aids with constipation
💫Lose weight 3 times faster
💫Curb appetite

Benefit of LemonFlush:-

❤︎ Flatten tummy
❤︎ Remove toxin in the body
❤︎ Increase metabolism
❤︎ Assist to lower cholestrol level
❤︎ Release digestive system


👫 Men & Women

🤰 Not for preggy mommies

👶 Breast feed mommies above 6month