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Contains Active Herbs, Herbs Pueraria Mirifica,

It is also known as Kwao Krua which is widely found in the highlands of Northern Thailand and Myanmar. Tue Thailand, it's called * Kwao Krua Kao *. Especially to strengthen women's assets like purses and breasts.

It also acts as

• Good anti-ageing agent for skin, nails, hair, and acne remedies
• periodic problems that can stabilize hormones 
• whitening problems
• Heel pain
• body wind
• Arthritis
• Fatigue & body aches
and others related to women's internal problems


- Helps to tighten the vagina
- Helps to increase fertility
- Helps to increase sex drive
- Helps to increase energy
- Helps to decrease vaginal discharge
- Helps to regulate menstrual cycle & reduces cramps
- Helps to regulate bowel movements

Suitable for:

- Ladies aged 14 years and above
- Breastfeeding mummies
- Mummies in confinement
- Menopausal women


1 capsule in Morning before Breakfast
1 capsule in Night before Dinner